The ‘Evidence’

Audrie Elizabeth Sargent Human ‘Rights’ Deprivation Civil Rights Constitutional Rights Corey Lee Sargent case # FA-17-1605 or 06-1388-336 or 06-1388-397 in the 397th Judicial District Court of Grayson County, Texas the Honorable Judge Brian Keith Gary presiding. Child Protective Services and DFPS Lies, perjury, falsified and fraudulent court documents, withheld exculpatory evidence, intimidated, and coerced our Family of both Sargent’s and Bertrand’s including 2 other siblings. Amanda Bertrand and Corey Sargent being Termination in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship. Temporary or Permanent Managing Conservatorship by violating or depriving us all of First Amendment Fourth 4th Fifth 5th Sixth 6th Fourteenth 14th Amendment Rights of Americans. Also depriving Audrie our daughter of her Texas Right's of Youth in Foster Care. Sherman Texas protection of a child removal of a child cps department of family protective services public corruption and conspiracy deprivation of civil rights under color law no evidence presented collaboration of entire county system TASC
Burden of Proof in FA-17-1606 and other Termination of Parent-Child Relationship Rights Cases
“All decisions in the justice system must be determined by the physical and scientific evidence, and the credible testimony corroborated by that evidence, not in response to public outcry”. -Robert P. McCulloch. 

I have grown up as a person who has tenaciously focused on ascertaining truth of our existence in this universe. While earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at University of North Texas, returning as Master of Science seeking grad student, and being appreciative every single day of my life that while an undergraduate at the University of North Texas I happen to randomly enroll in a crash course in how to think critically. Because so, the terms ‘investigation’ and ‘evidence’ are very near & dear to my brain as well as my heart.  The two words are also crucially important in logic, analysis, critical thinking, and when using the scientific method.  ‘Investigation’ & ‘Evidence” are not words to be thrown lightly around, especially in civil, criminal, or any court of judgement involving matters of truth. This is even more so the case when our fundamental liberty interests, or constitutional ‘rights’ are at stake.  The Parent-Child Relationship is one of the most established and fundamental of liberty interests granted by our United States Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights.  Cases involving parental ‘rights’, because of the potential consequences on our most important constitutional protections, are only to be judged under very stick evidential standards.

standard of proof parental rights.png

Before I begin to display and examine the evidential truths of our case life, and before I militantly dispel the mistruths, uncover the lies, and expose some who’s behavior is of a more sinister type I would like to provide a baseline for cases in Texas involving parent-child ‘rights’ that are as old as time. A most detailed and understandable explanation of the standard of proof in parental rights cases just like Audrie, Amanda’s, and mine can be found from Southern Methodist University, and can be read by clicking the link below

SMU Scholar Article


*This page examines only a mere portion of the totality of evidence that is available for me to conduct further investigations into, and that this site continues to present a more detailed look into.

The entity responsible for oversight of the Department of Family Protective Services in Texas, more specifically Child Protective Services, is currently the Office of Consumer Relations.   The OCR is commissioned by former Texas Ranger Henry ‘Hank’ Whitman, and is technically funded and contained within the Department of Family Protective Services themselves.  They field complaints about CPS, and review cases for compliance with Texas DFPS & CPS policy to ensure workers are held accountable for upholding our laws & legal code in Texas.  However, OCR employees are on DFPS payroll and even respond to complaints with reviews on DFPS letterhead.

I will begin by inquiry into our case by examining our OCR Review as well as a letter that I recently mailed back to them in response of their ‘review’ of case # FA-17-1605 in the 397th Judicial district Court of Grayson County, Texas. 

Texas Office of Consumer Relations

“Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression, because         power, real power, comes from our conviction which produces action, uncompromising action”.        -Malcolm X

Corey to OCR (at the time known as Office of Consumer Affairs) Initial Complaint Call:

Myself as well as numerous other members of Audrie’s family submitted complaints to the OCR at different times in October & November of 2017.  The OCR is supposed to review and respond to complaints within 45 days of receiving one.  I didn’t receive a review based of my November 2017 complaint until around 3 months later (+/- 90 DAYS). The letter was dated February 13th, 2018, is supposedly based off the case file submitted by CPS workers in Grayson County Texas, and was fraught with inaccurate information. It was quite frankly an insult to my family and to the terms ‘investigation’ and ‘evidence’.

The Office of Consumer Relation’s Review:

Office of Consumer Relations Corey Sargent Letter 1
OCR Review Letter Page 1 of 2
Office of Consumer Relations Corey Sargent Letter 2
OCR Review Letter Page 2 of 2

My Review of the OCR ‘Review’:


“Parenthood is such a lesson in self-sacrifice”. Angela Kinsey

I will eventually add a chronological timeline (timeline can now be found by clicking HERE) detailing the events of the case indicating where & when each piece of documentation and evidence enters into it.  In the meantime I will start with documentation submitted to & filed beginning August 13th, 2018 at our 2nd Permanency Hearing in our case # FA-17-1605 Suit in Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship involving Audrie, Amanda, and myself in the 397th District Court of Grayson County, Texas with the Honorable Judge Brian Gary presiding.  These are the 3 newest documents filed.  I requested the first 2 from my attorney ad litem Rick Dunn on 8/13/2018 at the hearing.  He advised me it would take a day or two before he had then, but that he would email them to me once he got them.  After our ‘pre-trial’ before jury trial on Thursday November 15th, 2018 I reminded him once again, and once again that day and most of the next past without me receiving  any of them in my email. On Friday November 16th, 2018 after most of the day had passed I called his office and asked once again If i could receive my crucially important court documents.  After speaking to his secretary Brandi Hinton I finally received the following 3 documents in my email.  Lets examine the documents for ‘proof’ of any vital facts that they may or may not contain.  

The first document from August 13, 2018 submitted to the court is the CASA Advocates of Grayson County CASA Report to the Judge:

“Life is not a matter of place, things or comfort; rather, it concerns the basic human rights of family, country, justice and human dignity”. -Imelda Marcos


CASA Report to the Judge

before August 13th, 2018 2nd Permanency Hearing:

casa report august 1



  • Audrie did not have a CASA representative until almost a month after removal, and after the period for a Full Adversary Hearing per code.
  • I did honestly disclose my social drug use when I voluntarily went into the CPS office, and I did test negative for all substances at the CPS office.
  • I was never provided the actual test results for the second drug test I took that day.
  • The ‘safety plan’ referenced was done only by CPS and again code was not followed.
  • The next two allegations regarding Audrie being alone with me or Rebecca that week are simply false, and CPS did not make any attempt to verify them other than asking Amanda which she honestly denied.
  • This document does not mention that Audrie was removed two days prior on October 11th, 2017 without a court order, and it wasn’t until 2 days later an ex parte hearing held in private that ‘the Dept.’ was granted conservatorship.
  • The 1 drug test failed by Amanda in over 8 months of CPS case is being used is the only reason Audrie was removed.
  • The ‘8-8-18′ written at the bottom is not my hand-writing it was already on the document when it was emailed to me.
casa report august 2



  • Audrie does not speak with CASA. She initially tried to tell them the truth that she has never felt abused or neglected by her parents, but they did not want to listen. She hates them and knows they are NOT looking out for her best interests.
  • Does a child locking herself in her room and screaming for CASA to go away not sound like a traumatic and psychologically abusive event? I promise you it is.
  • Visits with mother were not consistent because they were never given a set time and place visitation schedule.
  • IT is impossible to say Audrie seems to be doing well if she has never spoke with CASA and yells at them. She never yelled at anyone before like this, and again someone is mis-representing my daughter.


  • Notice how we cannot get credit for any drug tests that we passed. This is why on December 4th, 2017 I refused to take anymore drug tests for CPS. It was impossible to ‘pass’ any of them. We both passed drug tests, and Audrie was still never given set visitation with her parents or siblings.
  • I requested visitation outside of CPS office because they were always bullish, intimidating, and traumatic on Audrie and her familial relationships. Tyler Said kept saying she would arrange it, but never actually allowed it to happen. I am standing straight up against this domestic terrorism and no longer negotiating with Audrie’s captors.
  • Yes I cussed them out when they consistently refused to produce or explain evidence or follow any of our laws or constitution.
  • As of this referenced date of March 8th I still had not received my referral from CPS in order to start my services, and yes it was still being held against me for not starting them when CPS still had not given me the referrals they were ordered on 11/17/2017 to provide to me.
  • Yes I went to Denton to continue at University of North Texas as a graduate student.


  • Yes Audrie has always been happy, healthy, always taken gifted classes, and always excelled at everything she did. She is a truly amazing person because she has two amazing parents who raised her that way until our government became unduly involved and took her from us.
casa report august 3



  • It doesn’t matter if CASA and Audrie’s attorney ad litem communicate because Garland Cardwell has only talked to Audrie ONCE in over a year of her being in state custody.


  • Tyler Said states concerns for Audrie’s well-being even though EVERY reference to Audrie states how healthy and well she always is. How is this concerning?
  • Again no credit for passed drug tests, but still more looking unsuccessfully for reasons to call us neglectful parents and take our child for federal payouts.
  • There was not a nail test ordered for Amanda in this case. The nail test was ordered in a different divorce case regarding a different child in a different court, and even then she still paid for one that came back negative. The nail test she did take in the other case is not referenced anywhere.


  • I am not aware that counseling was offered to Amanda and Audrie because it sure as hell was never offered to me and Audrie.
  • Amanda does not have any type of substance abuse history.
  • I still cannot start my services because Tyler Said still has not provided me the necessary referrals even though I requested them multiple times up until December 4th, 2017.
  • I passed the last drug test I took, and it didn’t help me or my daughter at all.
  • Amanda passed all of at least 2 dozen drug tests since the first false allegation call in February of 2017, and Audrie was still never given back to her mother.
casa report august 4


  • CASA permanency goal is Permanent Managing Conservatorship to a relative, not Permanent Managing Conservatorship to ‘the Dept.’ This was not either parent’s goal this whole time and was not Audrie’s at this point either, but again nobody in this cares about our daughter or our family they just lie and terrorize all of us. They only care about the money.
  • WE were never told this was the goal. We were always told it was family reunification.
  • Audrie’s current placement, her maternal grandmother Loretta, has been directly dissuaded from taking Permanent Managing Conservatorship of Audrie by CPS and CASA as seen by her statement in this text:
    • loretta foster text 111037317511..jpg
      Loretta stating CPS and CASA don’t want her to adopt Audrie.
casa report august 5


  • Not sure why it is signed and filed on August 7th because the handwritten note says 8-8-18.  Just more terrible cover-up of wrong-doing & ‘rights’ deprivation I assume.

The next document I will examine from August 13th, 2018 submitted to the court is the CPS Permanency Report to the Judge TMC:

“True freedom is where an individual’s thoughts and actions are in alignment with that which is true, correct, and of honor – no matter the personal price”. -Bryant H. McGill


CPS Permanency Report to the Court TMC

before August 13th, 2018 2nd Permanency Hearing:



  • This references the initial placement date as October 11th, 2017. This is not true, but is consistently stated as fact in order to conceal the fact that Audrie was removed from her family, the county, and de-enrolled from Dillingham Intermediate School until October 17th or 18th I was never actually told any of this by CPS.  The evening of October 11th she was forced to stay at the CPS office until later that night when she was taken to Jonathan’s Place.  She was required to attend a different school for one day from this shelter before being de-enrolled there and re-enrolled at Dillingham the next week and placed with the Foleys.


  • Due diligence to notify relatives was not met.  CPS did not contact a single relative at any point.  All contact with other relatives was initiated by Amanda, myself, or the relative.  All of which were denied for placement for months.
  • Notice the mandatory dismissal date of October 15th, 2017.  This 1 year date mandatory dismissal by law.  I had already demanded our right to a jury trial from my attorney Rick Dunn at this point, and it wasn’t until the 397th couldn’t schedule one by the dismissal date that they illegally extended this suit.



  • We were never told that Permanent Managing Conservatorship to a relative or Adoption was the new goal, and it was not mentioned in the August 13th hearing either. And this is extra deceitful as the document is title Permanency Report to the Court-TMC (TMC stands for TEMPORARY Managing Conservatorship which is drastically different than PMC)
  • Notice the CANS assessment that is required by DFPS guidelines was never conducted.
  • The Placement Section is simply false. Audrie was at Jonathan’s Place emergency shelter from 10/11 to 10/18 when she was placed with the Foleys.  She remained in placement at the Foleys (not related to Audrie) until December 4th when she was again moved to her current placement with her maternal grandmother.  CPS is trying to cover up all of the major trauma they caused our daughter by lying in court and producing false information on official court documents.


  • Audrie has never been given any type of psychological evaluation.  This should have been the first thing done with a child supposedly abused and neglected.  I even requested one several times and was denied each time.
  • She didn’t even begin counseling until June 30th. this is 7 months after she was removed and placed with strangers.
  • Me and Audrie were never offered counseling.
  • the reason I will not attend individual counseling is that in these termination suits in Texas we lose our right to privacy the psychologists tell CPS everything.  I have a psychology degree and I know that a trusting therapeutic environment is the only thing that protects patients normally. This is bullshit and a violation of the APA code of ethics.


  • I don’t know how Amanda went from ‘satisfactory progress’ to ‘discharged’?  This documented evidence was never produced in court, only the verbal testimony of such by Tyler Said was accepted as fact.
permenency report august 7


  • This states Amanda’s cocaine results were received on October 6th, but all of the other court documentation states October 11th is when the results were received.
  • Amanda did stop taking her valid and legitimate prescription for Adderall because it was used against her in the hearings .
  • Again CPS is working this termination suit in conjunction with a divorce case not involving me or Audrie that is currently ongoing in another court against Jacob Bindel the husband who admittedly made all of the false allegation calls.  This is unethical and not legal.
  • Tim Haney is working both cases for Amanda, and should know this is not ok, but yet has not defended Amanda at all though any of the proceedings.
  • Notice the results of some of the drug tests are omitted.  this is because they were negative and would have helped our case.
permenency report august 8


  • All of the above referenced referrals were ordered for CPS to provide to us by the court on 11/13/2017, but yet none of them were actually provided to us until at the earliest January, and the latest in supposedly May (AFTER 5 HEARINGS =INCLUDING 1 PERMANENCY HEARING). They were still used against us as reasons for not returning our daughter to her parents in every hearing before then, especially the December 4th Status Hearing.


  • Yes this official court document was provided to me with this handwriting already on it.
  • Yes the first handwritten note acknowledges CPS was ordered to provide service referrals to me on 11/13/17, but failed to comply fully with court order until March 31.  I was never informed of this referral by my attorney.
  • Yes I did pass a UA on November 28th.  No, drugs should not still have been in my UA 2 months later, but this proof was not admitted on December 4th, 2017.  In fact Tyler Said testified then that she could not locate these negative test results. Nobody has ever told the truth about this passed drug test, and instead it has been intentionally repressed.
  • I was asked in court on December 4th by Judge Gary what drugs will be in a hair sample that day, in which I replied ‘all of them’ referring to all the same ones that were in my hair in October were probably still in my hair then.  I refused to let them cheat Audrie and us yet again by taking another drug test as we simply could not ‘pass’ one. Every single one was somehow falsified and/or used against us.


  • Tyler Said had my contact information the entire time, but lied and said she didn’t. She testified in court that she could not verify and address for me and blatantly states she did not have a contact number for me during the hearing on August 13, 2018.  In fact, my address filed with the court and every attorney throughout remained the same as it still is to this day.  Also during the first permanency hearing on April 9th, 2018 Tyler Said previously committed perjury under oath exactly as she did in August.  I want to mention that within a day or two of her becoming Audrie’s newest caseworker she told me directly that she would not talk with me on the phone, and would only do so in text or at the CPS office. She testified that she did not have any way to contact me, I insisted she had phone, email, and address.  This was after she lied and said I did not show up and take a drug test that I indeed showed for, took, and passed. Judge Brian Gary had one of the CASA workers call my phone from the court room, and Tyler text my same provided phone number later that same day of hearing on April 9th, 2018.  I verified my number with her, she did not ever attempt to contact me on it, and during the 2nd Permanency Hearing she lied once again.  Here is the proof:

Tyler texts Corey’s phone ON April 9th, 2018 shortly after hearing at 1:12pm:

tyler text 4 9 18 1
tyler text 4 9 18 2

Corey texts Tyler back within 3 minutes on same phone ON April 9th, 2018 1:15pm: 

You can see that immediately I respond, as I have always done with my daughter’s abusers, by pointing out the exact ways in which they are harming her and depriving us of our Constitutional ‘Rights’ & Fundamental Liberty Interests.  I specifically call our by name the detailed egregiousness of their wrong-doing! 

tyler text 4 9 18 3
tyler text 4 9 18 4

You can see quite clearly how serious Tyler Said, other CPS workers, and the other individuals in the Grayson County Family Law/Welfare system takes Audrie and her parents lives and love.  She announced ‘yay’ as if to patronize, belittle, and act down-right flippant regarding the horrific tragedy & sheer terror that CPS along with herself has inflicted upon us.  They do not hold protection from trauma near and dear to their hearts, poorly pretend as if they do, and lack any sense of accountability to the point that controlling and psychologically tormenting our family is but a mere game to them.  A game in which a good laugh or nonchalant arrogance is merely entertaining themselves and each other until they get paid on Friday when they forget entirely about our children’s best interest.

Here are the texts from after the August 13th, 2018 hearing where she once again lied about drug tests and lacking contact information:

tyler text 4 13 18 1
tyler text 8 13 18 2
tyler text 8 13 18 3
tyler text 8 13 18 4

Tyler Caplinger (Said) knows damn well why I do not contact her anymore!



  • I fully cooperated for months equalling 3 different hearings on total in which Texas law says Audrie was supposed to be returned to us, but once I realized CPS would simply continue lying so as to not return Audrie I felt i had to take a different route since the one CPS had us on was ultimate failure and termination of parental rights regardless of what we did or did not do.


  • The permanency goal of TMC stated here does not match the goal on page 4.  Which is it CPS?
  • Here the jury trial demand is referenced, and is clearly stated to be scheduled before the October 15th, 2018 mandatory dismissal date.  This did not happen it was extended and scheduled for November 28th, 2018, and the court ordered mediation date was not provided to me until after it supposedly occurred.
  • Beverly Nelson signed for both Tyler Said and Sara Fagan, but on different dates of August 1st and August 8th.

 The third document under examination was also emailed to me by my attorney’s office was a Mediated Settlement Agreement dated Monday November 12th, 2018.  The entire court building was closed that day in observance of Veteran’s Day.  I am not sure where this mediation session took place.  I was never informed of a mediation date by my attorney, I was not called by my attorney on the day of November 12th, 2018, and Amanda has stated since that she was also unaware of any scheduled mediation until her attorney Tim Haney called her at 8:15am the morning of to advise her of the mediation. Rick Dunn’s office refuses to call me, leave voicemails, or respond to my emails with any specific information.  When I go to the office Rick still will not speak in legal defense terms, and had I been in attendance for the so-called ‘mediation’ I would not have negotiated or settled one single iota to these people who have traumatized my daughter irreparably and beyond belief.  Good parents don’t agree to their children being injured in any type of way by any other who by way of manipulation and intimidation shows clearly they are not actually looking to ‘protect’ our kids.  Mediated Settlement Agreement:

Mediated Settlement Agreement signed on November 12th, 2018 by Amanda Bertrand.

Socrates Quote- Lies

Partial Mediated Settlement Agreement

signed November 12th, 2018:

Signed on November 12th, 2018 by Amanda Bertrand

Partial Mediated Settlement Agreement page 1

This shady, obviously pieced together, and poorly fabricated court document was the third of the 3 documents emailed to me from Atty Rick Dunn’s office. It was also received Friday November 16th, 2018 one day after our so-called ‘pretrial’.  Amanda (Audrie’s mother) told my mother Lynn Sargent that she received a call from her her attorney (that not coincidently represents Amanda in both cases) Timothy Haney at 8:15am on November 12th, 2018 for a mediation that neither Amanda nor myself were previously advised of, or made aware of a time and place of this meeting before the call. She said they combined my daughters CPS case with her ongoing divorce case not involving me or Audrie (involving the false accusation caller Jacob Bindel & his daughter that he has been trying to get custody of for years now) in a different Grayson County, Texas court.  Amanda Bertrand’s signature is on this document. Let’s examine this document:

Signed on November 12th, 2018 by Amanda Bertrand

Partial Mediated Settlement Agreement page 2

  • Yes it already looked this terrible and degenerated when I received it!
  • FIRST, this document is pre-printed with 8 signature lines for individuals whose names were already printed under each signature line along with their respective roles (unless of course a not-so-atypical post-document alteration or cover-up took place).  So with this apparently being the case I was never intended to see behind the curtain, and it would have been done under the general collaboration of the many other’s involved to deliberately keep me, Audrie’s father, out of the loop and under deprivation in the ‘rights’ darkness.
  • Also, this was an agreement that determined not only my daughter’s Parental-Termination Case, but it also determined her younger sister’s case in interest regarding her two now-divorced parents Jacob Bindel & Amanda Bertrand which I could have not under any degree of lawfulness, common decency, or righteous morality could I have ever agreed to on behalf of another child who’s biological or custodial parent I was not and have never been.
  • As a matter of fact the only thing these 2 children’s case should have, and the only thing they actually have in common is Timothy Haney.  Tim is Amanda’s attorney in both cases.
  • The case number on top for Audrie’s case FA-17-1605 does not match the one on bottom. It is not very clear but says i.t.i.o. FA-?-? it is a different case.
  • There are obviously sections missing.
  • Agreement entered on November 12, 2018
  • I was not part of this document basically showing Amanda signed OUR daughters rights over to the state permanently. According to my mother this is not what Amanda said she thought she was doing.  She told my mother that she was told if she signed it then she could st some point later in time get her parental ‘rights’ to our daughter Audrie Sargent back.  This is not the case in Texas.  In Texas when a parents ‘rights’ to a child are terminated it is a permanent situation and they can never again be restored for the parent and/or child from everything I have researched to understand.
  • Signed:
    • Cheryl Vaughan, Grayson County Associate District Attorney
    • Sara Fagan, CPS Supervisor
    • Amy Patterson, CASA, Guardian ad litem
    • Tyler Said, CPS Grayson County
    • Amanda Diane Bindel (a.k.a. Amanda Diane Bertrand), mother
    • Timothy Haney, attorney for mother
    • Sheila Shea, mediator
    • Garland Cardwell, attorney for child
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The following comments are from this same information when it was a post before I made it into a page.  I didn’t want them to be lost when I deleted the post so screenshots of the post are visible in the images below:

wordpress permenancy comments 2

Now that I have presented the 3 most recent documents filed with the court I will go back to the beginning of the case and present critical documents (additional documents available on other pages in mostly chronological order beginning with the first document in our case and moving forward in time up to the present.  Once again our case began on February 14th, 2017 with a false allegation call made to CPS from Jacob Bindel.

This letter was mailed to Amanda from Jocelyn Bishop with CPS on April 20, 2017.  The letters mailing date was 66 days after the case was opened.  I didn’t receive any mail from CPS until I was served with their lawsuit attempting to take both of Audrie’s parents.

April 20th, 2017 Letter from CPS:

Jocelynn Bishop letter

Joycelynn Bishop letter

  1. Amanda’s last name is misspelled on this letter. This is the first example of many of CPS failing at the most basic things.
  2. 66 days since anonymous report and Audrie was interviewed at school: This is egregiously past numerous case closure timelines required by Texas Family Code and indicative that Audrie was not in any danger.  These timelines are meant to ensure our constitutional right of due process and keeps families from undue government duress.
  3. Other notable laws not followed or in need of further investigation to confirm adherence to:
    • T.F.C. 261.302– interviews with child shall be audiotaped or videotaped-I would like to know if this occurred or not.
    • T.F.C.261.311– caseworker make reasonable efforts to notify EACH parent about child contact and nature of allegations within 24 hours- I was never contacted through any medium
    • T.A.C. 700.508– locate and interview both parents to obtain a response after interviewing and discussing allegations-again this never occurred
    • T.F.C. 261.3071 & 261.307-info manuals provided ASAP after initiating investigation to parents & summary of investigation & possible outcomes-again I have still never been informed or received any of these items
    • T.A.C. 261.002- reports of abuse and neglect to central registry-important to know if Amanda was placed in the registry.

The initial investigation appears to have been closed on 5/04/2017 as the case was transferred to Family Based Safety Services.  This stage of the case is supposed to be intensive collaboration with family to determine needs and plans for them to reduce the risk to their children.  FBSS in this case avoided family entirely and seems to basically be a setup for failure and child removal.

Almost two months after this letter was sent Amanda was given a family service plan.  she was the only one notified of the family service plan, CPS has never told me it existed, and it was only after Audrie was removed that Amanda informed me of its existence when showing it to me.Texas law states that a family service plan is to be developed with all family member involvement and requires it be signed by both parents in order to take effect. In our case CPS simply created the documents themselves, intentionally kept them secret instead of trying to inform us, and then used the secret plans as reasons to take and keep Audrie from us.  The family service plan from May/June of 2017 is the first of several.

FBSS Family Service Plan:

Family Preservation (2 of 5 pages missing)


FBSS Family Service Plan 1


FBSS Family Service Plan 2


FBSS Family Service Plan 3

  1. This is the first of many service plans in violation of law created and signed by CPS without telling us, but that attempts to hold family members accountable for its contents.
    • T.A.C. 700.704(C)- a family service plan must:
      • Include the reasons CPs is involved with the family
      • Include an assessment, developed with family…
      • Identify goals or changes needed to reduce risk…
      • Specify tasks family must complete…
    • (6)(d) CPS must attempt collaborate with parents…who sign or not receive a copy…
    • Amanda did not sign this document, and I wasn’t aware it even existed let alone sign it, and it was created on 5/25/2017 but wasn’t signed by CPS until over a week later by caseworker Teresa Sutherlun and supervisor Chris Jackson.

This is the section of Teresa Sutherlun’s Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Removal that mentions the case being transferred to FBSS.

fsp site snippet 1.png

The next two documents are from when I voluntarily walked into the Grayson County, Texas CPS Office to speak with Teresa Sutherlun September 13th, 2017.

We were open and honest with CPS during the entire case just as I was here when sharing with Teresa the fact that I used drugs socially on occasion. Below is a formed I signed after volunteered the dates i had last used.  In addition to the substances listed below I also admittedly used benzodiazepines (Xanax) the previous week, but Teresa must not have heard me or did not list it intentionally (I do not know which).  Also at the bottom it states Audrie was not in my care at the time. Neither Amanda nor myself in 12 years of our daughter’s life has ever used drugs in the presence of Audrie or any other child, or used when Audrie was in the care of one of us.

Corey Acknowledgement of Substance Use Form:


After I signed the substance use acknowledgement form in the CPS office on September 13th, 2017 I also volunteered to take a mouth swab.  It was the only drug test I was allowed to see the direct results of, it had been 5 days since any use, and my test came back negative of all substances accordingly.  Below is the form signed by Teresa and myself on that day.

Corey Acknowledgement of a Negative Drug Test:


Corey Negative Drug Test Acknowledgement

A controlled drug test showing all negative results that I was allowed to see the results of was not good enough for CPS.  Immediately after I took this test I was asked to take a second drug test in the form of a urine analysis at On-Scene, a local site contracted with Texas DFPS, which was administered by a very stoned & reeking of marijuana employee named Jalyn.  The test was administered in a bathroom which was shared with another business that was a hair salon.  The results that came back could not have been accurate, and I believe were fabricated completely, because in addition to the 2 substances on the above acknowledgement they claimed to contain methamphetamines, but not benzodiazepines.  In a phone call to Quest I was advised that on the type of test I took the results would not discriminate or provide separate numbers for amphetamines/methamphetamines.  I do not think it is a problem of inaccuracy in CPS drug tests, but I do think they simply lie in order to get what they want (placing kids in foster care to receive incentives from federal government payouts)  This chart from the Quest website confirms the information by showing tests do not provide results for methamphetamines separately from results from amphetamines:

Quest Drug Matrix:

quest drug matrix

Quest Drug Matrix

After my case was filed I found a Facebook post from another individual that I knew.  The post showed evidence of his claim that Grayson County CPS also lied about the results from a drug test that he submitted at the same testing facility as I did.  I tracked him down when I saw the post, and we soon met and talked with for over hour about our cases at a local McDonalds.  Both cases were almost identical in the violations of law and constitutional ‘rights’ deprivations. After stating to him my intentions to continue sharing my story while fighting to expose the unconstitutional widespread deprivation of ‘rights’,  and to reform the child welfare system he agreed that he felt the same way about never keeping quiet or abandoning the fight.  I later learned that his case had been dismissed after he posted his evidence on Facebook. Since that point he has not returned my calls or messages and I have not heard anything indicating he was continuing the fight.  His complete silence since case dismissal speaks volumes about his actions, and indicates he was not true to the intentions he that he once stated to me.  After he submitted a hair strand drug test for CPS to On-Scene, he then had an additional hair test that he paid hundreds of dollars for taken by the local office of Quest testing sites which is not under contract with DFPS. In Texas we do not have the ‘right’ to see the results of our drug tests directly from the testing facilities when ordered by CPS, and I could not afford such an expensive test myself at the time.  Both the test he submitted for CPS and the test he submitted for himself were screened at the same Quest testing facility, each contained different results, and the test results CPS gave were not accurate just like mine we not. The CPS results contained substances that he had not used including methamphetamine. His showed only THC, and CPS Results showed THC, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. Here are screenshots from his Facebook post I am referring to:


Here is the post he put up once his case was dismissed, was the moment after which he no longer responded to me, and was when he abandoned the fight he promised me he would never give up on regardless of anything else because it was about our own as well as everyone else’s children:


Here is a slideshow of comments from others about Grayson County CPS:

Teresa Sutherlun called me on September 18th, 2017 to inform me of my drug test results.  She provided them to me as if I did not provide a voluntary admission of my substance use.  She also provided me with results that could not be accurate since they contained methamphetamines, but did not contain benzodiazepines.  She then asked me if I was willing to sign a safety plan that would not supersede our standing court orders. I advised if I did agree to the plan then it would put Amanda in the lose-lose position of either having to either violate our court order or violate CPS safety plan.  I advised it would be a situation that was not in the best interest of Audrie.  Apparently Teresa did the safety plan anyway, but no one ever told me even though I was one of the parties to be held accountable for it.  I was not made aware of its existence until Amanda showed me after Audrie has been removed by Teresa without a court order.  At the same time Amanda showed me my safety plan she showed me an additional safety plan involving her father Donald’s live in girlfriend that was signed before mine was.  Amanda and I were both aware of Rebecca’s history, and had already agreed to never leave any of the kids in Rebecca’s care.  Amanda 3rd child is not mentioned in any CPS documentation.

Before we look at the CPS safety plans lets look at the Safety Plan Purpose and Instructions that appear at the top of the first page of a CPS Safety Plan:

CPS Safety Plan Purpose and Instructions

CPS Safety Plan Purpose and Instructions

So the rules above that appear in the header section of every Safety Plan from DFPS are designed to both protect children and families as well as ensure that we are not cheated out of the foundation of our democracy.  Teresa Sutherlun and her CPS supervisors literally circumvented the rules and laws in boldly depriving us of our Constitutional ‘Rights’ as American citizens.

Now here is the first September CPS Safety Plan regarding Rebecca Shaw.

Safety Plan from September 15th, 2017:

(1 page missing)

Rebecca CPS Safety Plan 1

Rebecca CPS Safety Plan 1

Rebecca CPS Safety Plan 2

Rebecca CPS Safety Plan 2

  1. In this plan, the person of safety interest, Rebecca Shaw, was not part of or notified by CPS of her involvement.
  2. Jacob Bindel is also not part of this safety plan even though his daughter is listed as being affected. Amanda’s son is not part of any safety plan, not is his father Ronnie.
  3. I should have also been made aware of this being that my daughter is affected and there is a danger to her.  Donald Bertrand was only made aware of one plan he was responsible for but not the other one.

I was never made aware by CPS of any safety plans being signed or in effect between me and Amanda or Jacob and Amanda because of the initial Neglectful Supervision reason to believe from 2/14/2017.  Surely the time to establish a plan for the safety of children is when neglect is believed to have occurred instead of waiting over 7 months to protect the children.  Both safety plans were signed by Amanda within a week before another anonymous report was received by CPS, and the reporter just so happened to not only be aware of both plans, but also uses both to establish allegations of neglect on Amandas part.  

Safety Plan from September 20th, 2017:

(1 page missing)

Corey CPS Safety Plan 1

Corey CPS Safety Plan 1

Corey CPS Safety Plan 2

Corey CPS Safety Plan 2

  1. Again, these plans are part of Family Based Safety Services and are to be a collaborative effort. The instructions on this document literally say these things in addition to stating the plan must be agreed to and signed by each member listed on it.
  2. Amanda seemed to have signed this plan, Amanda did not DATE the plan when signed, and Teresa signed and dated it 9/20/2017. I believe this is the reason for the lie about our meeting in affidavit saying it was instead on 9/19.
  3. This third person listed is the father of Amanda who was also not aware of the plan.  This resulted in Audrie and I being coincidentally alone at a softball game at one point without any of the three of us realizing we were doing anything wrong.  So, by secretly implementing this document Teresa put Audrie in a situation that Teresa herself deemed neglectful.  I don’t know how neglect could be proven with any more certainty than the person making the rules putting my daughter in a situation in violation of CPS determined stipulations! This occurs over and over the next several months!  To be clear when CPS says it is dangerous for me to be with my daughter alone, unrightfully give 2 other family members the responsibility of protecting Audrie, and then fail to inform all 3 relatives of the rules we must meet to keep strangers (CPS themselves) from harming her emotionally and psychologically then it is CPS WHO IS IN FACT GUILTY OF NEGLECTFUL SUPERVISION.  Now even worse a case is when like in our own case CPS initiates ‘safety’ in secret, does so very manipulatively, and could not by any reasonable person be seen as so unaware as to just be producing a bona-fide error of judgement that lacks at the least some level of intentionality when the very rules that make the plan lawful and healthy for children begin the first two paragraphs of the document itself.
    1. Here is the video from the softball game showing Audrie in a situation deemed ‘dangerous’ by CPS.  When Teresa CPS’s Teresa Sutherlun placed Audrie in ‘danger’ by hiding the safety plan from family members responsible for the plan: 
  4. Take notice that this plan states that once I provide negative drug test the stipulation should no longer be in effect.

FA-17-1605 Civil Case Information Sheet:

civil case information sheet

civil case information sheet

Notice to Prepare Citation & Notice in Suit by Beverly Nelson of CPS:

prepare suit fa-17-1605

Prepare Suit FA-17-1605

Citation-Corey Lee Sargent:

citation corey

citation corey lee sargent

Notice of Hearing-Corey Lee Sargent:

Corey notice of hearing

Notice of Hearing-Corey Lee Sargent

Constable Service Stamp-Corey Lee Sargent:

constable service stamp

Constable Service Stamp-Corey Lee Sargent October 19, 2017

Teresa Sutherlun’s Military Status Affidavit:

military status affidavit

Military Status Affidavit

Removal Documents:

“If our tears do not lead us to act then we have lost the reason of our humanity, which is compassion”.  -Dalai Lama

Notice of Removal of Children-Corey:

  • Notice that once again there are very clear rules (actually descriptions of law) written directly on the document that explain requirements that must be met in order for a child removal with or without a court order to be legally legitimate. They state an additional ‘exigent’ condition that must also be met in the most drastic scenario of a child’s life being on the line if they are not removed prior to a court order.  No other language by the courts or CPS states directly or even implies even the slightest risk of harm to Audrie. Don’t forget neither of Amanda’s other 2 children that she shared custody of with their respective fathers were in any more or less danger, but remember they were not then, and still to this day have not been subjected to CPS brutality & control by CPS rule or Court order.

Notice of Removal of Children-Amanda:


Amy Monsalve’s Affidavit in Support of Removal:

Amy affidavit pg1

Affidavit in Support of Removal pg 1

Amy affidavit pg2

Affidavit in Support of Removal pg 2

  1. This is the first of multiple documented instances labeled Neglectful Supervision that has a priority assigned to it?
  2. The referral states knowledge of my failing a drug test with a specific drug listed. Teresa advised me the test results were kept private which means only someone who CPS told unlawfully, or someone from CPS themselves could have possibly made the anonymous referral.  If CPS made the referral then they are blatantly lying about their other ‘allegations’.
  3. We have 1 safety plan that only Amanda and her father Donald were aware of, and another that only Amanda was aware of with only 5 days elapsing since they were both ‘established’. So, the only person who knew about both was Amanda, and she certainly didn’t report herself for violating both plans within 5 days. The only other person who could verify the first safety plan was broken would be Rebecca Shaw. The only person who could verify the second plan was broken is myself.
  4. The CPS Handbook clearly requires that each allegation reported is corroborated with each principle (person indicated in the report who would have some knowledge to confirm or deny the veracity of the reporter), and luckily Rebecca knows the allegation was unfounded and I personally hadn’t been allowed ANY of my visitation with Audrie by Amanda since August 26th.  Once again CPS made no effort to contact either one of us.  Audrie would not have been able to confirm the allegations either as they were simply fabrications used to achieve a desired result.
  5. Rebecca is not by any means a Step-Grandmother. She simply lives with Donald and Amanda would never have been stupid enough to even suggest that she wanted the children to stay in the home of Donald and Rebecca since we were aware of the history of Rebecca, and had always intentionally avoided putting any of the children in a situation where they may end up alone with her. In fact, Amanda moved herself and her children out of the same home on prior occasion upon learning of the history of Rebecca shaw when Donald Bertrand started having her as a guest from time to time in the home.   
  6. The ‘FACTS NECESSITATING REMOVAL’ here are clearly stated by Amy Monsalve, an individual ‘specialized’ in determining if children are victims of abuse or neglect. Both children appeared healthy and free of abuse or neglect! There is no ambiguity regarding the well-being of the children in her sworn statement!
  7. This is at least the 5th time my daughter has been interviewed by CPS without anyone giving me any knowledge of any of them (except when it was mentioned in documents served to me at our home by a Sheriffs Constable in the form of a lawsuit intending to ultimately terminate my parental rights, along with Audrie’s ‘rights’ to remain a child of her paternal and maternal units, to my un-abused and un-neglected daughter’s parent-child relationship).
Amy affidavit pg3

Affidavit in Support of Removal pg 3

  1. Here Amanda makes a direct allegation to 2 CPS workers of drug use by Jacob Bindel, but it wasn’t in any way treated on par with the allegations involving Amanda which are always just taken as truth on assumption.
  2. Where here does the emergency begin? If emergency safety concerns were the reason for the interviews at school and then Donalds house? Why was a UA or Hair Strand requested at that point?
  3. There has been no mention of the children since the school interviews. No mention of their well-being, no mention of abuse of neglect, and no mention of any danger or needing to avoid immediate harm.  The mention of the cocaine result wasn’t even tied into an implication of neglect when it was mentioned.
  4. Nobody from CPS have informed any other member of Audrie’s family that there was any concern about Audrie, her siblings, or of Amanda up to this point almost 8 months into the case!
  5. Again, even about our wrongs both of us have been totally open and honest with CPS, and everything wrong or right that we are doing as parents is somehow used against us or ignored entirely.
  6. Here Amy states as a matter of fact that Amanda initially requested the kids be placed with Donald not her mother Loretta. This video Amanda took of Teresa Sutherlun at the CPS office shows Teresa contradicting her sworn statement as she slips and tells the truth that Amanda first mentioned Loretta as placement for Audrie:
  7. The only person CPS talks in length about is the one person, Rebecca, who the children had never been allowed to be alone with by myself or Amanda. The affidavit doesn’t even imply that they had been left with Rebecca aside from the report, and it doesn’t imply at any point still that there is abuse, neglect, or any concern for the children being harmed themselves in any way because of controlled substance use.
  8. If it were a concern, the first drug test Amanda failed was in February surely 8 months is enough time to contact 7 family members who lived in the same city to find out willingness and do home studies. They made dozens of contacts with Amanda and the children secretively, and made multiple trips for numerous child interviews on different occasions.
Amy affidavit pg4

Affidavit in Support of Removal pg 4

Teresa Sutherlun’s Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Removal:

Teresa affidavit pg1

Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Removal pg 1

Teresa affidavit pg2

Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Removal pg 2

Teresa affidavit pg3

Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Removal pg 3

This text is the one referenced by Teresa in above sworn affidavit used to unlawfully kidnap my daughter Audrie Elizabeth Sargent.  It is not from 9/19 but rather 9/21:

teresa 9_21 text are you coming to office
teresa text 9 21 17 stamp
teresa text 9 21 17
Teresa affidavit pg4

Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Removal pg 4

  • I haven’s had any arrests since 2010, the felony charge was dismissed, and I have successfully served my punishment and am free and clear, and have been for the last 9 years, with society for every other charge listed.
teresa affidavit 5

Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Removal pg 5

Below is the original protection order.  It is filled with words from the English Language, but none of the word definitions or the situations they describe match the truth of reality and the laws that govern this in any way.  These are just the words they have to print on the documents in order to take our children.  They need to take our children in order to receive federal funding:

Audrie’s Time Without Available Medical Consent

To cut right to the chase and drive this terrifying point home:

Audrie was removed within days of being discharged from a day’s long stay in Children’s Hospital in Plano, Texas.  She was in the most vulnerable medical state she had ever been in during her lifetime, and was the most precarious time she could afford to be without someone to ensure her rights and availability to medical care, but still this happens.

MY Only Daughter Audrie Elizabeth Sargent Has Been Left for WEEKS Without ANYONE  WHO = Legal Custodian AND Medical Consenter.

This means if anything life-altering or life-threatening were to happen in one of dozens of Audrie’s ‘right-less’ days then nobody could have acted to promptly Decide for Her, Help Her Health, or Saved Her Life When Needed!

Medical Consent Documents

Order for Medical Care Consent:

# 1

medcon 1

Order for Medical Care Consent-number one

Audrie was removed from her family by Teresa Sutherlun of CPS without assistance or notification of law enforcement, and without a court order on October 11th, 2017 at 5:20pm. That is the first moment Audrie was not in the control and custody of her parents, and therefore left without anyone that could make extreme medical decisions for her. The below order signed October 13th, 2017 by Judge Gary finally gave CPS medical consent for Audrie.

So Far= approx. 46 hours Audrie unprotected medically.

Order for Medical Care Consent:

# 2


Order for Medical Care Consent-number two

Audrie was moved placements from Jonathan’s Place to The Foley House on 10/18, but the below court order was not filed as official until 10/24.

So= approx.  6 MORE DAYS Audrie unprotected medically =approx. 8 DAYS NOW TOTAL

Order for Medical Care Consent:

# 3


Order for Medical Care Consent-number three

On 11/16 Tyler Said was added.

Order for Medical Care Consent:

# 4


Order for Medical Care Consent-number four

On 12/4/2017 Judge Gary ordered Audrie’s 3rd placement with her maternal grandmother Loretta, and Audrie began staying with her that day

The above document wasn’t filed 12/18.

So= approx.  14 MORE DAYS Audrie unprotected medically =approx. 32 DAYS NOW TOTAL with no one able to access Audrie has medical consent for life & death decisions regarding our daughter who we have protected for 12 years.

Audrie’s Many Relatives

cps purpose and objectives screenshot

Taken Directly From: Texas DFPS CPS Policy Handbook

…protect children…seeks active involvement…family members

…solve problems…keep child with family…

To see how Audrie and her entire family have been treated by the Child Protective Services Program in Texas lets look at the documents regarding relatives and caregivers:

Relatives Documents

“Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak”. -Thomas Carlyle

Audrie Elizabeth Sargent has always had an amazing family support system from both her mother, father, and numerous members of each of their families.  First let me recognize the people in the family that have collaboratively raised Audrie into the amazing individual she is today.  If you are on this list please feel extreme pride for helping Audrie become who she is today!

       Audrie Elizabeth Sargent

Below we can look at the Child Protective Services of Grayson County, Texas attempt at ensuring Audrie was able to remain with family through her ordeal.

Remember Audrie also has an older brother and a younger sister from her mother.  Amanda shares custody of all 3 with their father and they have almost always lived together at the same residence to most or some degree.

Documents: Possible Caregivers & Placements:

Audrie Elizabeth Sargent was removed by Teresa Sutherlun on October 11, 2017 at 5:20pm.  She was forced to remain in the CPS office for hours, and then was transported by Teresa over 70 miles away from home to Jonathans Place, an emergency shelter where she was placed into the care of total strangers amongst a bunch of unfamiliar kids for the first time in her 11 years of life.  Again, this happened unbeknownst to myself and most of Audrie’s family who loved her and who were never allowed a chance to protect her.

from Amy Monsalve’s Affidavit in Support of Removal
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.33.30 PM

Excerpt from Amy Monsalve’s Affidavit in Support of Removal

from Amy Monsalve’s Affidavit in Support of Removal

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.34.22 PM

Excerpt from Amy Monsalve’s Affidavit in Support of Removal

from Amy Monsalve’s Affidavit in Support of Removal
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.34.30 PM

Excerpt from Amy Monsalve’s Affidavit in Support of Removal

from Amy Monsalve’s Affidavit in Support of Removal

Excerpt from Amy Monsalve’s Affidavit in Support of Removal

from Petition for Order of Protection
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.36.00 PM

Excerpt from Petition for Order of Protection and outrageous claims….

from Petition for Order of Protection
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.36.10 PM

Excerpt from Petition for Order of Protection and outrageous claims….

from Petition for Order of Protection

Excerpt from Petition for Order of Protection and outrageous claims….

from Petition for Order of Protection

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.37.38 PM

Excerpt from Petition for Order of Protection and outrageous claims….

from Petition for Order of Protection
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.37.45 PM

Excerpt from Petition for Order of Protection and outrageous claims….

from Petition for Order of Protection
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.37.49 PM

Excerpt from Petition for Order of Protection and outrageous claims….

from Petition for Order of Protection
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.37.56 PM

Excerpt from Petition for Order of Protection and outrageous claims….

  • Neither Amanda nor myself had committed any of these above listed things the court order states CPS proved!  They literally never produced any actual evidence in over 8 court hearings.  The only ‘evidence’ that was offered consisted solely of verbal testimony by individual CPS workers.  Nothing empirical, and none of the individual testimony was corroborated by a second individual.  The Honorable Judge Brian Gary was so willing to accept the nonsense as fact on the record that he wouldn’t even look me in the eye as i questioned it, and when I would demand answers his reaction was consistently to raise his voice, scold or scorn, and become so visibly and emotionally defensive that he would either aggressively berate me, belittle me, or just ignore me as.  The Honorable Judge Brian Gary’s father was the Grayson County, Texas sheriff for so long he now has a statue that was erected in his honor on the Courthouse lawn, and since our judges require a mere vote of the nepotistic citizens to become our legal authorities I do as a graduate of both a Psychology and Behavior Analysis program understand how he unjustly perceives my challenge of the ‘evidence’ holding my daughter hostage as a personally attack on his authority or integrity.  It was certainly nothing personal against Judge Gary, but he has certainly made it personal through his behavior and by reducing the integrity of his position in society and humanity with his palpably biased decision making.  Combine that with the devastating trauma he has continually allowed Audrie to unjustly suffer when his ‘judgements’ repeatedly fail to accurately determine or even examine fact from falsehood, and then again repeatedly fail to apply the laws properly to the truth of fact while given us the benefit of the ‘preponderance’ CPS must show.  Then as pure conjecture imagine Audrie is not the only child who has suffered wrong-doing by her ‘protectors……
  1. This situation was deemed such an emergency by CPS that they took the liberties of not involving law enforcement at any point, or even obtaining a court order authorizing emergency removal, however, Teresa took her time with getting this affidavit to the court as it wasn’t filed until Friday at 4:44 pm two days after removal.
  2. Although to me none of them were very adept at it Teresa Sutherlun is the worst at concealing or covering up her lies.
  3. Teresa, just as did Amy, clearly states that Amanda immediately suggested the children be allowed to stay with her father Donald, but more than once this is contradicted by a worker with CPS. This document from the same day of removal confirms Amanda’s insistence that the kids be placed with her mother Loretta, and confirms the caseworkers are being intentionally deceitful and manipulative, that they have terrible memories, or that at least they are grossly inadequate as surveyors and controllers of our fundamental liberty interests regarding the care, custody, and control of our children.  
  4. You may wonder how this is so easy for these crooks to get away with since STANDARD IN EVERY TYPE OF AMERICAN courtroom & procedure requires that a court reporter transcribe the entire record of statements and events that take place during civil or court hearings.
    1. The individuals in the Grayson County, Texas (and most all of Texas Government regarding child ‘protection’ for that matter) Child Welfare Institution have become too incredibly adept at being charlatans, con-artists, crooks, criminals, or whatever name tickles your fancy. So much so that they are already so aware of which rules need to be cheated, in what way to cheat them, and keep their eyes watchful enough to adapt to cultural changes so that only someone with an incredible amount of dedication, obsession, and self-sacrifice combined with an educational environment uniquely suited for such a thing who happens to be an extremely protective and limitlessly loving mother or father could even begin to describe the intricacies of the ‘rights’ deprivation and wrong-doing.  Especially since one has to both possess these qualities, and succeed in executing the skills required under arguably the most traumatic and oppressive of situations other humans could put him or her in.
    2. But solving the matter of a factual reporters record existing to prevent dishonesty by exposing corruption and injustice is technically simple to do. Any case that leaves trial court for another chance at Justice ends up in one of the Appellate or Supreme courts.  These higher courts do not question or dispute the facts of the case.  Higher courts only examine how laws were applied given the facts on record, and will also interpret, help define, and determine precedence of law regarding the situations presented to them.  Again, the do not try and figure out if the people who gave sworn testimony were being honest or not, and for that they must simply rely on what the reporter’s record states in written english.  So this is what Judge Gary and his court reporter Paula Thomas have done recently:
      Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 8.00.09 AM
  5. In this particular case, just one of many fro 397th demonstrating my point, the 397th Court Reporter Paula Thomas just didn’t have the record put together in time for this family to obtain justice by their right to an appeal in a higher court.  Here both Judge Gary and Paula Thomas were reminded of their responsibilities to us a citizens of democracy.  They were BOLDLY denied their request to drag the probable victimization of a parent-child relationship out an extra 30 days.  Parent-Child Termination cases involve our most fundamental liberty interest and thus require an expedited record.  One possible tactic used by the Trial Court before to oppress the record and deny families and citizens of their ‘right’ to truth and justice is to simply dismiss the Suit once the higher courts demand the reporter’s record.  When the suit is dismissed before the due date ordered by a higher court for document production then the order of the higher court becomes moot and cannot be enforced in any way since the suit it’s order pertained to no longer exists as such.  So basically some family has CASA, CPS, and the family courts invade and disrupt their lives for up to a year and a half until a higher authority demands the 397th prove its case, which the 397th being unable to do so just dismisses the case and hopefully the family isn’t completely destroyed by then, but either way their truth is never heard and justice will never actually be served in that case.  

The case reiererenced above was decided, but then upon reaching appeals court the appeal was dismissed.  I could not afford the time to determine exactly why at this moment in time.  Probably by CPS since they could not produce the record of evidence.

Here is that judgement (this case like mine does not show in the Grayson County judicial portal civil search):

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 9.05.30 AM
Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 9.05.41 AM

So far in this over-a-year-long case I have had 2 appointed attorneys, Beverly Rogers & Rick Dunn) who repeatedly ignored and denied me each time I advised them I needed it for defense because with it I could prove unequivocally that CPS committed perjury, and the false testimony was used as reason to not return Audrie to me and her mother.  Amanda’s attorney Timothy Haney denied her requests to obtain the reporter’s record as well, but Amanda has stated to me personally that Tim Haney DID produce a reporter’s record in her divorce case.  She was very certain when she specifically explained to me the various statements read from that record, and she was just as certain that record was wholly fabricated as it was literally unreal because it did not at all match the events of reality she had participated in when attending her’s and Jacob’s divorce hearings.  So far that is 3 attorneys who refuse to obtain the facts of the matter in order to expose CPS, Attorney ad litem for child, and CASA lies in order to protect and defend my daughter and her parents.  

Of course I called Paula Thomas myself in order to obtain the smoking-gun of a transcript so justice could finally be obtained for my daughter and her family. I will post the calls soon.

Here are some more reporter’s record shenanigans from the 397th Judicial district court of Grayson County, Texas in a slideshow:

bnw 13
bnw 14
  1. Again, this form is signed and dated October 11, 2017 yet in an affidavit submitted the very next day by Amy, and in one two days later by Teresa both fail to mention Loretta and instead state that Donald was the first choice Amanda gave for consideration of the children’s best interests.
  2. Amanda later confronted Teresa at the CPS office about this very lie and I have attach a video above of Teresa admitting Loretta was who Amanda wanted Audrie placed with and what she knew was in her best interest should she not keep possession herself.
  3. Neither of the individuals above were contacted by CPS even though the law demands, and a child’s best interest really does require CPS’s due diligence in contacting and placing children with their relatives.
  4. Audrie’s sister’s father Jacob Bindel must have been contacted since she was able to leave that very day with her father when Audrie didn’t even have any of her family contacted.
  5. Up to this point there is a flagrant avoidance of ensuring Audrie reserves the right she has to her family unit!
  6. This fundamental belief that families have the liberty interest and rights to each other without undue government duress, and even if only after proper due diligence, because it is in children’s best interests is a basic assumption that everything from our constitution to the statutes and codes that this system of protecting children is designed from.

Notification Regarding Relatives/Designate Caregivers:

bnw 1
  1. The second and third paragraph is the first time CPS withholds exculpatory evidence from the court. By claiming I hadn’t returned the form when I had, it makes it look like I was not doing what was best for my daughter.
  2. The fourth paragraph plainly states Amanda’s mother Loretta had been screened out, but very unspecific for reason of ‘unstable housing’. CPS says also her that Amanda’s  sister Amber Diaz stated she did not want to be considered for placement, but Amber never said such a thing.  Amber told me she told CPS it would be better for Audrie to stay with Loretta since she had two sons both boys that filled the 2nd bedroom of their home, and denied ever saying or suggesting her home was not an option for Audrie to live in.
  3. In the fifth paragraph is the first CPS reference to a home study being conducted, and it is for the home of Stephanie Foley. Don’t forget Stephanie is only family by way of Jacob, she is the person claiming to have a long-standing relationship with CPS, and was first mentioned as a possible placement for Audrie by CPS not by Amanda.
  4. The supposed attached home study was not included with this document from the district clerk, if it at all exists, and if it was indeed attached as indicated on this document.
  5. Notice below that this was not even filed until after the initial adversary hearing. The document was signed the Friday before
bnw 2

This is a text chain between Amy Monsalve from CPS and Amanda.  This chain is from sometime after Audrie was removed, and while she was in the emergency foster shelter Jonathan’s Place.  Remember CPS did not do any home studies in an 8 month case before removing Audrie, and even after she was removed CPS is still not considering or allowing Amanda to suggest actual family as a placement. They never asked me, and did not realistically consider anyone I suggested.  There is still not a home study filed for our case to this date.  CPS supposedly already looked into and ruled out both Amanda’s mother, father, and sister.  So it appears as if Ronnie told Amanda he was a consideration even though nobody told either of Audrie’s parents that.  Amy asks if Audrie’s older brother’s dad Ronnie is someone Amanda would consider.  Amanda says yes, but would rather have Audrie placed with Stephanie before Ronnie.  Im sure this is because Ronnie has been very controlling and manipulative for years past with Amanda, and she was afraid he would also use this against her.  Notice how much of a stranger Stephanie is.  Amanda didn’t even know her last name she thought since Stephanie and Jacob are related that Stephanie’s last name was actually Bindel, which was however her maiden name.  So CPS has never considered and/or ruled out all actually family, and is only trying to place Audrie with the family of Amanda’s other children’s family without even considering her actual father and my family.  Audrie was terrified at the strange shelter, Amanda knew this, and would have agreed or suggested anyone back here in Grayson County in order for Audrie to be brought back close to home and re-enrolled in the school system she had always attended and excelled in.

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 10.47.53 AM

Amanda’s caregiver resource form was given to Teresa on October 11th before the above text chain. I emailed my resource form back to her on October 22nd. Here is the very email from me to Teresa:

email 2
email 1

And here is the completed caregiver resource form I emailed:

bnw 3
bnw 4
bnw 5

Remember Audrie attended school near the emergency shelter on Tuesday October 17th.  On Wednesday, the 18th I called Amy after getting Teresa’s voicemail to be informed she was currently transporting my daughter to a relative that Amanda requested Audrie be placed with. 

    On November 13th the attorneys of Amanda, CPS, and myself negotiated an agreement before the hearing started.  None of my family I requested for placement had been contacted yet by CPS.  My mother Lynn did contact CPS prior to this hearing herself to be informed she could not be a placement due to her criminal history and my father could not because we shared a home, but they were not asked for the personal information that would be required to run a background check.  Desperate for our daughter to be returned to anybody that was family to her we agreed to some conditions we would meet as parents if Audrie’s placement was moved from Stephanie’s to Ronnie Lashley.  Ronnie was her older brother’s father and someone she knew her entire life. He lived in a home with his father Ronnie , step-mother Summer, and some step-siblings.  Ronnie had been present at the previous hearing, but I Jacob still has not been in attendance at any hearing.  The associate judge Honorable Martin Lowy scolded CPS for their tactics, and specifically ordered Audrie be placed with Ronnie as of that day.  Amanda and I agreed to outpatient rehab, random drug tests, and a psycho-social evaluation.  Amanda also agreed to drug court, but at this point I would have agreed to anything just to have my daughter returned to a family member.  CPS did not bring their phone records, and they still had not conducted any official home study.  Amanda’s mother Loretta was contacted by Teresa and Amy on the Friday before the Monday morning hearing on November 10th, and that same Friday around 4pm they showed up at her home for under an hour, took a single picture, and looked in her refrigerator. 

Loretta CPS Details Call

At the conclusion of the November 16th continued Full Adversary Hearing we learned that CASA of Grayson County had been appointed to the case.  Afterwards a lady named Tyler Said introduced herself as the new conservatorship caseworker of Audrie, but she informed me she was out of business cards and took my phone number.  The CASA worker told me her name which I thought was Renee, but produced this business card as well:

CASA of Grayson County
CASA of Grayson County

                 I did not hear anything until I text Ronnie three days later on the Thursday morning following the Monday hearing.  This is one of the texts I received from Ronnie when I asked if my daughter woke up at his house that morning, and was advised by him that she was never placed in his home:

relatives 24

                  I called Amanda to inform her, and it was the first she had heard about it also.  I then text my attorney to be informed she could not talk to me before 8am, but was sent this email that she had received from CPS the previous night:

relatives 26
relatives 27
relatives 28
  1. The email specifically states ‘despite agreement entered at the hearing’. CPS simply will not allow us to do anything that is ‘best’ for our child. Remember that Amanda has 2 other children whose lives are forever damaged and are never mentioned in relation to Audrie., but who never before or have not up to now become subject of CPS rules or state control.
  2. According to Ronnie neither him or his wife said they could not or did not want to take Audrie into their home. They intimidated the family for 3 days until they implied that they no longer felt safe.  Loretta also stated to me that he only heard from CPS worker Tyler Said on a single day when she was at the home for a couple of hours.
  3. This email was sent to each attorney at almost 9pm, but not a single-family member was informed until I reached out to my attorney Beverly Rogers to inform her of the fact itself.
  4. Amy advised me on a phone call on the 16th that she had a voice recording of Summer stating that they did not want Audrie placed there, but then the recording was never mentioned again.
  5. I have never seen a home study into Ronnie’s home, and I doubt one exists.
  6. Audrie already had her bags packed after she was told she was moving in with her brother the Monday of the hearing, and she didn’t unpack them for the rest of her weeks in the home of Stephanie.
  7. Audrie her mother, her father, and her older brother all desired this placement over Jonathan’s Place or the strange and violent home of Stephanie, but it did not and still does not matter what my child or anyone in our family desires as best for our children or ourselves.

After I talked to Ronnie on the phone November 16th, 2017 and my attorney forwarded me the email I called Amanda.

Corey calls Amanda November 16th, 2017

This next text chain is between Amanda and Ronnie’s wife Summer. Summer and Ronnie had already discussed taking Audrie, and decided as a family they wanted to.  They already had a bed and her own space ready as of the November 13th hearing, and Audrie had already packed her bags in hope.  This is referring to Audrie not being placed with Ronnie as the Honorable Judge Lowy ordered her to be on November 13th, 2017.  It says that Summer and Ronnie did not decide not to take Audrie, but that Tyler with CPS had ‘serious concerns’ which were never specified by anyone at CPS at any point. Then Summer blames Amanda and I for Audrie being in this position.  The only way Summer would know any of this ‘private’ information is if came from a CPS employee. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 11.12.57 AM

I will further address this document later, but here is the section of the Temporary Orders Following Adversary Hearing that references the caregiver forms and order for placement of Audrie. with Ronnie. This wasn’t signed until November 16th by the Honorable Martin Lowy, but was still filed with the court at 1:44pm before the above CPS email:

relatives 29
relatives 30
  1. This document states that BOTH Amanda. and myself have submitted the caregiver resource forms that indicate who we would like considered for placement and to be in the best interest of Audrie.
  2. Remember the Notice Regarding Caregivers shown above states Loretta was already ruled out for placement.
  3. Here the judge orders without other stipulation that Audrie be placed in the home of her older sibling!

Hear CPS Special Investigator Amy Monsalve describe what she ‘was told’ happened regarding this placement in a phone call with Corey Sargent on November 16th, 2017 after word snuck out that Audrie was no longer going to be placed with Ronnie:

from Corey’s November 16th, 2017 call to Amy Monsalve CPS:

Corey calls Amy Monsalve 11 16 2018

By this time, I had open communication with Loretta., Audrie’s aunt., and both of my parents almost daily totaling dozens of hours.  Amanda. and I had also been working very closely together for our daughter, and I spent most weekends at her apartment trying to figure out how together we could save from, or at least somehow help our daughter out of the hell she now lived in.  Audrie stated to multiple people that she spent every night crying herself to sleep for hours sometime beginning as soon as she returned to the house of Stephanie after school and Stephanie’s family’s daily activities.  She had not received any type of set schedule to see either of her parents or either of her siblings.  Her life had quite literally been replaced with a drastically different one that she had no desire to live in.  She commented to family that she got through each day by pretending she was at a summer camp of sorts.   She suffered this particular trauma for a grueling 55 days before a December 4th Status Hearing!  Me, Amanda, grandparents, other relatives, and friends also suffered tremendously throughout this period, but surely Audrie experienced psychological and emotional damages exponentially more devastating than that of her family and friends combined.  It tears my very being apart just attempting to imagine her experience.

Audrie has never been given any type of visitation schedule in which she knows she can see her siblings.  It is just whenever she is lucky enough to run into them somehow that she gets to see them. The 3 kids lived at the same primary residence for 95% or so of their lives.  Texas law and the DFPS handbook REQUIRES a visitation plan with siblings to be filed, but it has still not in almost a year-and-a-half been done.  This is the only official visitation plan that Audrie has been given to see her parents:

CPS Visitation Plan:

bnw 10
  • This Visitation Plan was filed with the court on October 24th, 2017 one day after our first Full Adversary Hearing Date of 10/23/2017.
  • The first line on the document lists it’s Purpose: This form documents the visitation schedule that the caseworker has developed with the parents. We were never asked or consulted at all regarding visitation with our daughter at any point.  I was not informed of this document, was not provided this document by either CPS or my attorney Beverly Rogers, and did not even know of its existence until Beverly was released as my attorney the end of January 2018, and I began searching for our legal documents all of which had been repressed and never provided to Amanda or me.  The Grayson County district clerk eventually emailed pdf’s to me after calling them a couple of times.  I will explain below how it is forged. 
  • This document says both Audrie has visitation with each parent for 1 hour every week, but does not identify the day and time which it lists here as TBD.  Audrie was never given an official date and time in which she could expect to see her parents.  CPS did not attempt to give Audrie any type of structure, and used the visitation very manipulatively while throwing our lives into further unpredictable chaos and inflict deeper trauma. 
  • States all visitation must be supervised by CPS staff.
  • The last line is for additional supportive adults that parents would like to be considered to assist in visitation and/or supervision.  Both caregiver resource forms I showed earlier on this page submitted by Amanda and I list our relatives as BOTH possible placements for Audrie, AND as possible supportive adults.  CPS once again ignored this by listing them as N/A- not at this time.  Simply lies and tactics used to separate Audrie from her family even further.
bnw 11
  • Document states supervision will be reduced or removed when parents can pass drug tests.  When we did pass all future drug tests this did not happen.  Amanda and I only failed a single drug test each, and then the rest of our tests were lied about or repressed as if they did not exist.
  • Notice this document does not provide Audrie with any sort of phone contact with her parents or siblings.  This is in violation of the Texas Rights of Youth in Foster Care.
  • This document says CPS will provide transportation to and from visitation.  This is also not true to the facts.  The fact is that Stephanie Foley transported Audrie to and from the CPS office for her visitation.
  • Both me and Amanda’s signatures are on this document.  We were not however shown this document.  Teresa Sutherlun did exactly as Jonathan’s Place did Audrie.  Teresa had the entire document covered up except for the signature line when asking us to sign it.  When asked why she told me it was due to privacy reasons, and that it was Amanda’s personal information that was covered.  Amanda told me her scenario was the same as mine.  We went to visit Audrie for the first time at Sherman CPS on October 16th, 2017 and were told we had to read the rules below and then sign that we had received them.  Teresa blatantly lied to our faces by telling us we were only signing an acknowledgement we understood the rules, and then I find this document filed with the court with the additional 1st and 2nd pages that were never shown to either of us.
  • Notice this document was never signed by CPS as the rules and law states is required.
bnw 12

Stephanie had told Audrie’s family members (with the exception of us as parents of course) that they were allowed to visit Audrie at their residence anytime they wanted to. On November 2nd, 2017 the entire family (other than us parents who were not allowed) went to visit Audrie at Stephanie’s.  It was a brief moment of relief for Audrie finally seeing her family for the first time in over 20 days.  After this day Amanda received this text from Teresa Sutherlun with CPS.  She is telling Amanda that her and my family must contact Teresa if they want to visit with Audrie.  Amanda didn’t tell her family or mine they could visit Audrie at Stephanie’s. Stephanie told the family this, but still Teresa puts the burden on Amanda instead of trying to communicate with Audrie’s family directly.  Then Amanda once again begs to have contact with BOTH of her daughter’s.  Remember per Tyler Said’s text CPS has no control over Jacob and Amanda’s daughter only Audrie.  Teresa Sutherlun clearly implies in this text that Amanda’s visitation with both daughter’s is restricted somehow by CPS.  Remember the above visitation plan does not mention phone calls, and I have never been offered a phone call schedule with Audrie.  Here Teresa tells Amanda calls are Wednesday for 15 minutes starting at 4.  They never proved Amanda abused or neglected Audrie, but yet Audrie is only allowed 15 minutes per week to speak on the phone to her lifelong protective parents.

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 11.27.09 AM

This next text chain is between Amy Monsalve of CPS and Amanda.  I am not sure the exact date, but Tyler didn’t become Audrie’s CPS conservatorship stage caseworker until the conclusion of the unlawfully extended 2nd hearing date for Full Adversary Hearing on November 13th, 2017 when Judge Lowy ORDERED Audrie’s placement to be changed that day from Stephanie’s to be placed with her brother’s father Ronnie and his family. CPS NEVER followed this court order.  They simply decided on their own otherwise and made it so through the shady email sent 8pm one night that I showed earlier this page.  

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 4.21.03 PM
  • Amanda thanks Amy because Amy noticed her efforts to be a protective caring parent trying to help her children.  
  • Amanda tells Amy DIRECTLY IN TEXT that:
    • Audrie is HAVING A HARD TIME AT STEPHANIE’S, and nobody is allowing Amanda to help Audrie at all.
    • TERESA LIED IN THE COURT ORDERS (referring to sworn affidavit) 
    • Amanda was NEVER GIVEN A CHANCE to defend herself.
    • Her attorney TIMOTHY HANEY IS A JOKE.
  • Amy only addresses if Amanda is keeping Tim and promises something on behalf of Stephanie that’s not in alignment whatsoever with how Audrie describes her experience personally in her journal. 
  • Amy says Audrie wasn’t placed with someone who is like her mother Amanda.
  • Amy tells Amanda not to worry about her daughter.  This is a ridiculous thing to tell a protective parent, and then follow it with a safety promise before telling Amanda to focus on her self.  There has not been anything shown to be ‘wrong’ with Amanda that would deserve focus over trying to rescue her daughter from what was no different to Audrie (and Audrie has used these exact terms herself to describe the removal), and psychologically and emotionally comparative to any other type of kidnapping before being held hostage by strange captors.
  • Amy ignores all of Amanda’s alarming concerns, and simply makes the statement that the next caseworker, Tyler Said, is good and will be respectful.  That is not an acceptable way to treat the parent-child relationship. 

The next text chain is again between Teresa Sutherlun and Amanda.  And once again it shows Teresa continuing to place restrictions and control Amanda’s relationship and communication with Audrie’s brother and sister.  This was before the November 13th, 2017 hearing, and before Tyler Said admitted to Amanda that CPS had no authority over Amanda’s established court orders regarding the other 2 children, but yet Teresa freely and intentionally traumatizes my family members. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 6.04.11 PM
  • Teresa Sutherlun’s behavior is in complete violation of law, established civil court orders regarding visitation and contact between parents and children, and against every conceivable definition of what could possibly the ‘right’ way to treat people specifically families and children.
  • Teresa tells Amanda she is ‘allowed’ to have phone contact with her other 2 children BUT MONITORED by their fathers.
  • Teresa tells Amanda how she MUST PARENT during these calls.
  • Teresa told the 2 other father’s to end the calls if needed by judgement.
  • Does not set an exact day and/or time except before 8:30pm.  No structure for my daughter at all.

Amanda had primary custody of her daughter with Jacob at all times these texts occurred. CPS literally had ZERO authority over Amanda’s care, control, and custody of this daughter or her son with Ronnie.  Jacob took control over their daughter because CPS assisted him by lying to Amanda while intentionally manipulating her and her children. Here Amanda pleads to Tyler in a text while reporting that Jacob abused and/or neglected their daughter.  CPS surely did not investigate this allegation.

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 5.29.55 PM
  • Amanda asks everyone she has to for permission to check on her youngest daughter at school! It was already her right, but her attorney and CPS have deceived her into believing otherwise.
  • Tyler Said COMPLETELY COMPLIES with the idea that Bella is under the control of CPS and ‘the Dept.’, and in fact thanks Amanda for believing them.
  • A present for Audrie. I will fill my comments on this statement in here at another time.

This text chain is between Amanda and Jacob sometime after Audrie’s removal when Teresa was still the FBSS Caseworker for Audrie.

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 3.01.56 AM
  • Jacob tells Amanda CPS told him they controlled visitation with Bella through strict supervision at CPS, usually once a week and many times the visitation was simultaneous with Audrie’s one hour a week.  They had ZERO authority to do this!

The final text chain that demonstrates CPS illegally and intentionally manipulated 3 children and their entire families.

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 3.14.49 AM
  • After months of controlling Amanda and her 3 children’s entire lives inflicting irreparable harm Tyler Said finally admits to Amanda CPS has no control over the other 2 children and then long-standing civil orders still stood.  She admits she cannot coordinate after participating fully prior to this text.
  • Tyler Said then repeatedly begins deferring to Robin Bethel.  Robin Bethel does not answer or return our phone calls.

Attorney ad litem Original Answer in Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship for Respondent

submitted by Beverly Rogers on behalf of Corey Lee Sargent:

bnw 15
Attorney ad litem Original Answer in Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship for Respondent

Family Service Plans

Temporary Court Orders

“The world is indebted for all triumphs which have been gained by reason and humanity over error and oppression”. -Thomas Jefferson 

Order for Protection of a Child in an Emergency and Notice of Hearing

filed with court October 13th, 2017 by Honorable Judge Brian Gary:

order for protection 1
order for protection 1
order for protection 2
order for protection 2
order for protection 3
order for protection 3
order for protection 4
order for protection 4
order for protection 5
order for protection 5
order for protection 6
order for protection 6

Temporary Order Following Adversary Hearing

filed & signed November 16th, 2017 signed by Honorable Martin Lowy (Associate Judge sitting-in for Judge Gary on 11/13/17:

temp order 1
temp order 1
temp order 2
temp order 2
temp order 3
temp order 3
temp order 4
temp order 4
temp order 5
temp order 5
temp order 6
temp order 6
temp order 7
temp order 7
temp order 8
temp order 8
temp order 9
temp order 9
temp order 10
temp order 10
temp order 11
temp order 11
temp order 12
temp order 12
temp order a1
temp order a1
temp order a2
temp order a2

Status Hearing Order

Signed and Filed December 4th, 2017 by Honorable Judge Brian Gary:

status hearing order 1
status hearing order 1
status hearing order 2
status hearing order 2
106 status hearing order 3
status hearing order 3
107 status hearing order 4
status hearing order 4.
108 status hearing order 5
status hearing order 5
status hearing order 6
status hearing order 6

Order on Motion toWithdraw as Counsel

Filed February 5th, 2018 Signed January 29th, 2018 signed by Honorable  Judge Brian Gary:

order withdraw 1
order withdraw 1
order withdraw 2
order withdraw 2

Initial Permanency Hearing Order Before Final Order

Signed and Filed April 9th, 2018 by Honorable Judge Brian Gary:

initial perm order 1
initial perm order 1
initial perm order 2
initial perm order 2
initial perm order 3
initial perm order 3
initial perm order 4
initial perm order 4
initial perm order 5
initial perm order 5
initial perm order 6
initial perm order 6
initial perm order 7
initial perm order 7

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