testimonial 3

“I was their neighbor while Corey and I attended the University of North Texas. Corey was unlike most college men in town. He spent his time working, studying, and caring for his sweet little girl. I remember the first time I entered his apartment. I couldn’t believe what a home that he had made there. Curtains hanging, pictures framed, everything was clean and nice. Audrie’s room of course was decorated and filled with books. Corey was and is one of the best father’s I know. Not just because of what he physically provided for his daughter but because of what he instilled in her. He raised her to have Dignity and Grace. He raised her to fight for what is right and to not give up when things aren’t easy. That amazing little girl is so amazing because she is loved and cared for. I previously worked for Denton County Friends of the Family. I was a legal advocate and child care specialist. I never had any reason to believe that there was any indication of abuse or neglect from Corey Lee Sargent. I saw a father that would and will do anything to give his daughter the best that he can”.