02/23/19 Audrie’s Attorney ad litem Pro Se Petition

“I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands, even if he’s wrong, than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil”. -Malcolm X


  1. SINCE laws state 1st notification should have been properly given, AND ALSO
  2.  738 days before 1st properly delivered notification received by me Audrie’s father.

Audrie’s CPS Case was opened based solely on a false-allegation call followed immediately with the first of many times our child (as well as her sister) was interrogated by a CPS Caseworker unbeknownst to us as parents at her school.. This interview began the 24-HOUR TIME LIMIT that CPS is mandated by Texas LAW in which to provide by MAIL to EACH of us PARENTS the first of numerous official written notifications regarding any interview of our child and/or concern of abuse/neglect.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 1.28.26 AM



738 DAYS BEFORE THE DAY WHEN MY FIRST OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION OF CONCERN WAS ACTUALLY GIVEN! This event timeline post presents the details of said notification, and what the way-too-past-due notifying envelope since received via USPS mail contained within it…..(I ADDED THE HEART TO CAPTURE THE EMOTIONAL EFFECT)

garland heart

So this Mr. Garland Cardwell has been my 12 year old daughter Audrie Elizabeth Sargent’s Attorney ad litem for Child in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship brought by Texas DFPS in case # FA-17-1605 a.k.a. 06-1388-336 a.k.a. 06-1388-397 in the 397th Judicial District Court of Grayson County, Texas with the Honorable Judge Brian Gary presiding since he was appointed to defend her ‘rights’ on October 12th, 2017 the day after her removal by CPS FBSS Caseworker Teresa Sutherlun without requesting any assistance from law enforcement without obtaining an order of the court and before even attempting to obtain a court order the day before on October 11th, 2017 at 5:20pm.  He didn’t even communicate with her for the FIRST (AND STILL ONLY) TIME until November 21st, 2017 after 2 COURT HEARINGS HAD ELAPSED!  He has for almost 2 years now avoided any and all communications with either parent to the point of not even making eye contact with us in the few hearings on Audrie and Our ‘Rights’ he has managed to appear in, and Garland has blatantly neglected his duties required by law including MUST DO interviews with BOTH PARENTS among other people, and flagrantly violating the legal requirement to meet his client my child TIMELY BEFORE EACH AND EVERY HEARING.  Mr. Garland Cardwell has succeeded in providing Audrie with her ‘right’ to competent legal counsel a pathetic ONE OUT OF THE TEN ( 1 OF 10 ) Hearings that have been completed regarding her entire life in permanency proceedings.

  • Now this piece of shit mercenary has the balls to not only discontinue avoiding us as parents, but to finally initiate contact with me Audrie’s father in the form of a letter on behalf of another individual he neither represents currently, nor has ever represented to any degree that he mailed to my home address via USPS.  
  • How audacious must one be…?  The gall required must be immense for any man or woman to involve themselves in repression of any other person or other American’s fundamental liberty rights for money WHILE feigning ignorance or dramatizing proceedings with actions that only present the idea of a defense instead of actually defending their client’s intent. Our Precious Love.  Audrie’s Entire Family Tragically Effected Forever. The balls on such a guy…
  • Then I read the complimentary closing Mr. Garland Cardwell Attorney at Law provides to me at the letter’s end.20190227_110032-e1551287131483.jpg
  • Not a damn thing about this guy is TRUE let alone true on the behalf of me, my daughter, or ANYTHING WE KNOW AND LOVE!  He is not only motivated to psychologically punctuate an initial professional document with a four letter adjective indicative of an intentionality in his actions, but delivers the twisted complimentary closing line in a truly patronizing and antagonistic way. Sheesh..
  • Garland collected over 2 GRAND from ‘We the People’ in County Payments for his ‘rights’ deprivation participation.
  • As all of these facts very truly set in I realize that I have not described anything that could possibly have the balls of a man, and couldn’t possibly stand up with the backbone of any gendered human…He didn’t even have the balls in his initial letter to me to be accountable for himself, and Garland in fact only mailed me a letter…

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 2.08.45 AM.png

  • Garland Cardwell is barely the pathetic and most cowardly creature that only addresses another man about the representation his child(ren) and their ‘rights’ not because of any internal pull of morality or common decency from within his own skin, but rather ONLY because he was instructed by the courts and/or on behalf of a 3rd party he must be motivated by at some level both personally and/or professionally towards helping achieve a particular desired result.
  • If the unethical letter delivery by Garland, the double agent-like position he now has himself in, or the numerous constitutional violations he willingly participated in was not costly enough to Audrie and myself Garland Cardwell managed to provide assistance to Loretta Bertrand at no charge to her or for any additional costs incurred to himself or his law firm. Dastardly little prick!

Quick Facts Recap!

After hours waiting at CPS Offices she was then trafficked over 60 miles away to Jonathan’s Place Emergency Foster Shelter.  She was immediately removed to be de-enrolled from the advanced classes schedule and extracurricular activities structures she had always known in her local Sherman Independent School District and removed from what we now know from DFPS to be Permanently Removed from the care, custody, and control of her loving and protective Mom and Dad both. 

Also traumatically ripped from Audrie without regard to any of their developing psyches or emotional distresses were Audrie’s older brother AND younger sister who their mother all shared custody of with their 3 respective dads. She still has zero legal access or assurances to those 2 critical relationships!

Presenting very truly OUR information for your examination to then be judged accordingly.

loretta intervention envelope
Envelope Mailed by Garland Cardwell’s Firm Received by Corey Lee Sargent February 23rd, 2019

Both the envelope above and both pages of Garland Cardwell’s letter I received 02 23 19 are dated Thursday February 21st, 2019.  This puts our most recent Feb 15th Permanency Hearing 6 days before this letter was mailed to Corey Sargent by Audrie Sargent’s attorney ad litem Mr. Cardwell.

loretta intervention letters page 1
Personal Letter from Garland Cardwell to Corey Sargent page 1
loretta intervention letters page 2
Personal Letter from Garland Cardwell to Corey Sargent page 2
loretta intervention letters page 3
Pro Se Petition in Intervention in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship page 1
loretta intervention letters page 4
Pro Se Petition in Intervention in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship page 2
loretta intervention letters page 5
Pro Se Petition in Intervention in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship page 3


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