07/18/2018 Audrie’s Birthday :)

Audrie and I had no ‘rights’ to our parent-child relationship when she was born.  I showed up in fought for them in the same damn courtroom that is pretending to now terminate our RELATIONSHIP under the same exact case number with one slight alteration to the ‘right’! The individuals in this court should know damn well that our ‘rights’ to our relationship are so deprived as to have never even been given to us so as to then ‘terminate’ them. This is laughable, but also real, and brutal.  This is OUR LIVES that you attempt to take from us. The LIVES of my only daughter, her siblings, myself, her mother, and the rest who love Audrie Elizabeth Sargent.  

Amanda texts Corey to meet for Audrie's Birthday Weekend
Amanda texts Corey to meet for Audrie’s Birthday Weekend

So we all got as many of us together as we could and had a pool party together for Audrie’s birthday like a normal family!

amanda text 4 21 18 1
amanda text 4 21 18 4
amanda text 4 21 18 5

Then the next day July 19th, 2018, 2 months after he was appointed (or 3 1/2 months depending on whose notes you are using), I met my new Attorney ad item for parent Rick Dunn over the phone in what was became a 13 minute brutally painful rant into the details of our case #FA-17-1605. The link is below.

07/19/18 Corey meets Rick Dunn Call BRUTALLY PAINFUL 13 MINUTE CASE RANT! 😐





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