05/18/2018 Corey and Rick Dunn’s Office Call

05/18/2018 Corey and Rick Dunn’s Office Call

While desperately trying to avoid ‘rights’ deprivation and further traumatization of my only child Audrie Elizabeth Sargent I stumble across the following vague and unfamiliar note from a Permanency Hearing In which I attentively attended on April 9th, 2018, but was somehow without an appointed ad litem as counsel.

Event Comment 4 09 2018 case# FA-17-1605
Event Comment 4 09 2018 case# FA-17-1605

So upon many actions and calls later in search of my rights and of an explanation for the past apparently changing before my eyes I make a call to a local attorneys office with multiple addresses and phone numbers.  Brandy Hinton answer’s to inform me it is Attorney Rick Dunn’s Office. I tell her my guess that they may be my appointed attorney ad litem for parent in my Parental-Rights Termination Suit after my Child’s Removal by CPS without a court order months before.  As I tell them the strange news, she says she does not know of me, cannot find my case, and that she will check into it.  This is her call back to me on May 18th, 2018.

Corey is called back by Rick Dunn’s Office on May 18th, 2018

Then a day or two later this next call from Brandy.

Rick Dunn’s Office to Corey Lee Sargent Second Call

I guess these things happen.  Just a simple mis-placement of my ‘rights’ to counsel for a month and a half or so….

Listen to the call in context by clicking the link below:


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