02/14/2017 CPS Investigation Begins

“I’m an American. I have constitutional rights”. -Ann Coulter

As any proud, loving, protective father may I surprised my then 11-year old daughter at her school for lunch with a rose as her Valentine on February 14th, 2017.  And as any manipulative, vindictive, and now ex step-father of hers Jacob Bindel would (when his feelings were hurt by an ex-lover) have it (ALLEGEDLY) Child Protective Services showed up at her school that very day after lunch based off anonymous and uncorroborated allegations implying my daughter and her younger sister were victims of abuse and/or neglect. This is also ironically enough the very moment that myself, my daughter, her sister, their mother, and our entire blended mixed modern family last had any ‘right’ to each other.  It was also the last moment we were granted any of our constitutionally-given protections as citizens of the United States of America and residents of Texas.

rose lunch
Last Happy Picture Before Years of Rights’ Deprivation from the Valentine’s Day Lunch between Corey and Audrie

As Audrie Elizabeth Sargent’s father and legal conservator I have still never been given any information from Child Protective Services of the numerous times she has been interviewed in private and in secret.  I have never been notified that there was any concern for my daughter’s health or safety, I have never been accused of abusing or neglecting my daughter, and no one has even stated to me that she had ever been, or is at risk of being abused or neglected.  In fact all of the statements anyone from CPS or the plethora of other ‘child protectors’ have provided throughout this terroristic process have indicated anything other than Audrie being a happy, healthy, and protected child of the two parents that raised her.  Those parents being Amanda Diane Bertrand and Corey Lee Sargent.

Audrie was removed without a court order from Amanda by Teresa Sutherlun of CPS herself on October 11th, 2017 at 5:20pm after an 8 months long case to be taken out of her educational and familial support system and trafficked into the DFW Metroplex to an Emergency Foster Shelter called Jonothan’s Place.  Since then CPS has done nothing other than lie, intimidate, coerce, threaten, and traumatize Audrie, her 2 siblings, and her entire family right in front of her face.  They have done so without offering even an inkling of actual protection, help, or support of any means in return for their crimes against our humanity.

These crimes have been coordinated and executed by an entire system of controlling individuals within the Department of Family Protective Services, CASA Advocates of Grayson County, the Grayson County Family Courts, the Attorneys and Attorney ad litems within Grayson County, Texas, the numerous other services benefitting financially from us, our Attorney General of Texas, and has all been done while manipulatively forcing loving family members of Audrie into conspiring with them by holding our child as both the physical hostage for ransom, and offering her safety as the prize for cooperation.  It is terroristic, unconstitutional, inhumane, and as barbaric and uncivilized as anything I could have ever imagined prior to being a terrified traumatized victim of the whole damn thing myself.  To be exact it is a Conspiracy against our Civil rights, and has stripped us of our humanity itself.

Courts not Upholding and Administering Justice.
Child Protectors Inflicting Trauma on Children.
Public Defenders Committing Criminal Offenses Against the Public.
Oversight Institutions Overlooking our Constitution.

This begins a process that this site will certainly show to eventually become to violate both federal civil code and even federal criminal code. 

Most Accurately:

conspiracy against rights 1

conspiracy against rights 2

And At A Minimum:

civil rights deprivation 1

civil rights deprivation 2

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