Home Sweet Home

Nelson Mandela


Our Parent-Child Relationship!

Because of our future, a future that belongs to the children of Generation Z and Beyond. The reason why I am showing our own personal story, the tragedy that has become our actual life, to the whole world is because we are all in this state of ours that is Texas, and we are all in agreement that every child loved has the right to each loving parent & be protected from undue trauma. As we all should, I hold myself equally accountable for both your child(ren) and mine. The whole point of the Child Welfare System is to reduce/prevent abuse /neglect & keep children with their families while upholding the fundamental liberty interests established by The Constitution of the United States of America. In order to do so successfully & humanely we must be honest, transparent, and focused on the children when making critical life-altering decisions on behalf of our society at large. We have the entire country bearing down on our ‘system’, a Foster System ruled by the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional, and we owe it to our children to truly make a change. The entire Culture needs to be changed. We need to invest in our children & in their future by eliminating the many injustices that are commonplace today. Until we financially incentivize trauma reduction and family education instead of incentivizing traumatic removal and family desecration as we do now we will neither protect children nor secure our most fundamental of liberty interests in raising our own kids. Today’s children are depending on us to fix this, and in reality it needs to be done not tomorrow but today. I know that together we can change, but not until our child welfare officials begin to hold themselves just as accountable for our kids as they hold us, and as we hold ourselves, as parents. Until we form true co-citizen type of parent/role-model relationships to teach our children humanity and model what we desire of them we are most certainly doomed as a culture of Texans in America & as a Race of Humans on Planet Earth.

– Corey Lee Sargent, Proud Father of Audrie Elizabeth Sargent

This site was designed by & it’s blog is authored by Audrie Elizabeth Sargent’s father. Corey Lee Sargent created this blog site in November of 2018 after a year of Audrie & her entire family being victimized & terrorized by the individuals responsible for the Texas Child Welfare System in Grayson County, Texas in order for Justice to finally be served his Awesomely Altruistic & Amazingly Wonderful 12-year old daughter Audrie, her 2 siblings, the rest of her family, and the countless other children & their families who have been similarly traumatized in recent decades. Corey received his A.S. in Psychology from Grayson County Community College in 2007, graduated with his B.S. from the University of North Texas receiving the Outstanding Undergraduate in Applied Behavior Analysis Award at the 2010 Honor’s Day, and returned to UNT in August 2017 as a graduate student to study Culture Change in the Interdisciplinary Studies department. Audrie’s every constitutional & human ‘right’ is now being deprived from her and both of her parents after the once happy, healthy, and secure life she had always known was forever taken from her by the Texas Department of Family Protective Services (CPS) on October 11, 2017 at 5:20pm.  Audrie Elizabeth is still currently being held in the care, custody, and control of ‘the Dept.’  Both now face Suit in Termination Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship in case # FA-17-1605 in the 397th Judicial District Court of Grayson County, Texas. Corey has since become a child & family welfare researcher and activist combating to reform Texas’ Unconstitutional Foster Care System.  In addition to reform he intends to hold the multitude of current individuals who are knowingly participating in widespread ‘rights’ deprivations for financial gain fully accountable for their actions. He most certainly intends to honor the promise that he made to the each of numerous individual employees at Grayson County, Texas’ Child Protective Services Office.  He promised each of them as well as many other individual authorities across Texas that, per their job descriptions are responsible for ensuring that we as families are given our Constitutional Rights, he would hold them accountable for any & all of their immoral and unlawful behaviors resulting in trauma to his beloved & only daughter Audrie Elizabeth Sargent. Where’s Audrie’s Rights? Welcome to Our Fight! It is just one of many fights in the ‘Rights’ War in this state, and just one of many more in a nation wide ‘Rights’ War!  We as proud native Texan Americans can use all the support we can muster to achieve the visionary ideal of a truly protective society to raise our own children in presently, and that our current children can raise their children of the future in! And if need be this is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.

Corey Lee Sargent, proud father of Audrie Elizabeth Sargent Rights Warrior


4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Roe Graj

    Cory you need to get a pro bono lawyer to look into this case, or contact someone going to a college or university going for a law degree to look into child Proctive Services as to what or why
    Audrie is still in Foster Care and also question why this (Jacob) is involved, only it seems to get back at Amanda or you not caring how Audrie is getting hurt. Also you should contact your
    congressman or Senator to help you. You need help, you cannot do this on your own, this is dragging on to long

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    1. Yes there are some pro bono lawyers in North Texas that take CPS cases, but almost all of them only take cases through an organization called Northwest Legal Aid. It is THE ONLY resource for any non-court appointed pro bono attorneys for individuals who fall below a certain income, and cannot afford to hire a good attorney. I applied October 2017 just days after Audrie was removed. I qualify for assistance through them, but they cannot refer me for representation due to a conflict in interest. The COI is due to Audrie’s mother’s use of Northwest Legal Aid to obtain representation in the divorce and custody case the mother and I had in 2006 that has been final and closed ever since. So I will never be able to have an attorney referred through that service as long as the mother is also a party in the case. I have personally contacted over 100 individual attorney offices in Texas to ask for their pro bono assistance, 99% of them take referrals ONLY through Northwest Legal Aid as it is the resource for our entire state, and the remaining 1% had full pro bono caseloads and could not add any for years out. I have talked to numerous law students none of which could get me any further. As a graduate student at University of North Texas we also had a legal services department with lawyers that only represent students in non-criminal matters. They could not represent us in any type of child custody case, they could not find any help for me outside of Northwest Legal Aid (they also realized the COI that disqualified me), and could only provide me with the legal advice I was already well aware of. They soon learned the unique position I was in then wished me luck. I was approved indigent by the court, had ONLY the right to the counsel Judge Gary appointed to me, asked for my 1st court-appointed attorney to be let go because she didn’t attempt to defend me once and would not provide me any court documentation or explanations, and Judge Gary signed an order allowing her to withdraw. He was not supposed to leave me without counsel, and per law should have appointed a replacement for me the same time he let my first withdraw. When I showed up at April 9th, 2017 Permanency Hearing I advised him of this, and he said I would have to apply for indigency through the court AGAIN before he would appoint me a 2nd attorney. I quoted the law stating the 1st indigency approval covered me throughout the entire suit including any and all appeals. He said I was wrong and I left court that day with him refusing to appoint me another attorney. The next day I submitted a Petition for Writ of Mandamus as a pro se litigant to the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and it was accepted by the end of April. Then I went to check our case notes the only place they ever came up in the Odyssey system (as I did every 2 or 3 days) at the law library computers in the Sherman court house around the middle of may and noticed one of the event notes had since been changed. It was the note Judge Gary entered regarding the April 9th, 2017 hearing. A new line was added (it was not part of the hearing note for the 4 or 5 weeks after the hearing) that pertained to the hearing date. It just said ‘apt. atty. Dunn’, but I know no one was appointed at th hearing and I had not heard anything about it otherwise. So I call around town talking to every attorneys office with a similar sounding name asking them if they represent me, and they all said ‘NO’. So finally on May 20, 2017 Im talking to Attorney Rick Dunn’s secretary who specifically tells me they do not represent me and my case number does not exist I must be mistaken. I press her and discuss why I think they have to be my attorney, and that I don’t expect my case number to come up in her system because it no longer comes up anywhere except law library. She says she will check around, calls me back 6 hours later, and tells me she couldn’t find out anything until she called the 397th court coordinator explaining what i’m telling her. After her explaining my story to the 397th she then gets my case info from 397th, is told by 397th their office does indeed represent me, and that they simply forgot to tell or mail my attorney anything saying they have represented me for almost 2 months now. The next day I call my attorney back and ask the secretary when our next hearing date was (documentation I had showed 8/13/2018) and to email me the letter of appointment showing they in fact represent me in my case. She tells me there are no more hearings scheduled in my case, and emails the letter of appointment that has the appointed date of May 21, 2018 (not April 9, 2018 like the updated fraudulent case note in Odyssey and 397th coordinator indicated). This attorney who is also my current attorney (Rick Dunn) has not defended me in a single was, will not quote LEGAL ANYTHING, and refuses to file a motion to dismiss with the court even though Texas law states CPS Termination cases must be completed within 1 year if not the court loses jurisdiction and they be dismissed automatically without a court order. I lose my right to an appeal if a motion to dismiss is not filed after the year (the 1 year mark was 10/15/2018). So I filed documents with the 397th myself asking for a hearing to waive my right to an attorney in open court and proceed pro se and a pro se motion to dismiss. Ive been waiting 2 weeks now to hear back from 397th about hearing date or any motions. I have called and left voicemails since they have not called me, and they have not answered one of my calls since the day I submitted the motions. Jacob doesnt care about the kids only himself and that Amanda is hurt an he gets what he wants. I have contacted the governor, my senators, my congressmen, complained with the BAR about the lawyers, and complained about the judges to the Senate Commission of Judiciary Conduct. I have repeatedly reached out to every possible source of relief, oversight, etc from the top down then back up again multiple times including hundreds of journalists/news organizations. It was not supposed to drag on this long there are dozens of places the law says it should have stopped and been done with by now.

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    1. I agree. I intend to hold them to the same level of accountability that I would hold myself if I accepted any role in which I was responsible for other people’s children. In fact the FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT thing on any good parent’s mind when leaving a child with any other human is that they are responsible and hold themselves accountable for ensuring the health and safety of that child of mine just as I would, and in fact personally I have always been extra mindful when other people’s kids are in my hands to be extra accountable for their well-being. Quite simply ‘abuse of power’ is an understatement for what these people systematically do to our families. Thank you for the comment and thank you for taking a look at the page Maria!

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